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Serato DJ 1.9.9

The Serato DJ 1.9.9 update includes support for two exciting new pieces of Roland hardware, the DJ-202 and DJ-505.


The Pioneer DDJ-SB is an all-in-one 2 deck USB MIDI controller with a built in soundcard. Mixxx allows it to control 4 decks. It is compatible with Mixxx since version 1.12. 19 December, 2019 Take our support survey for DDJ-400. Do you own a DDJ-400? Give us your feedback via the link below to receive free audio samples. Please see our list of natively supported MIDI controllers to check if your controller is already supported in djay. If you have a MIDI controller that is currently not natively supported by djay Pro, you can still use it with djay's easy-to-use MIDI Learn feature.

The Roland DJ-202 is a perfect entry-level controller that is Serato DJ Upgrade Ready.

A compact 2-channel, 4-deck controller with large low-latency platters. The DJ-202 includes a built-in sequencer which can be used to trigger legendary Roland TR drum sounds with Serato samples for quick beat production.

Ddj Sb Djay Pro 3


A professional 2-channel, 4-deck Serato DJ Enabled controller that comes equipped with a range of features derived from the popular DJ-808.

Dec 23, 2015  RX5 however is also much smoother and faster running on my Surface Pro 3 then Audition is which feels sluggish in terms of UI. I guess this is because Izotope went all vector on everything and Audition is still using buttons. All in all if it were not for the organiziation bonuses of Audition I would have jumped onto RX5 easily. To edit audio from Adobe Premiere Pro in RX: Right-click on an audio clip in your timeline and select ‘Reveal in Finder’(OS X) or 'Reveal in Explorer' (Windows) Open the resulting file in RX. Perform the required audio edit, and then click File-Overwrite Original File. To edit audio from Adobe Audition CC in RX: Select Waveform view Highlight the area of audio that requires editing. In the Effects menu, load the iZotope RX Connect plug-in from VST3 - Restoration - iZotope, Inc. (If you do not see the RX Connect plug-in, open the Audio Plug-in Manager. Adobe

The DJ-505 incorporates the legendary Roland 16-step sequencer for triggering TR drum sounds and Serato samples. Complete with built in low-latency platters, vocal FX and a free license for the Serato DJ Tool Kit (Serato Flip, Pitch 'n Time DJ, FX Pack).

For a full list of improvements read the 1.9.9 release notes below.

Pioneer Ddj Sb Djay Pro

Read the full Serato DJ 1.9.9 release notes.