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Dragon Age II is a fantasy action role-playing video game developed by BioWare, and published by Electronic Arts. It is the second major game in the Dragon Age franchise. NEW Dragon Age Inquisition Mac OS X NEW Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, is the third one in the Dragon Age games. It was created by combining elements from the first two games, and received a good opinion from the critics.

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The Darkest Years:

The Blessed Age would be the darkest Age for Divina but for the Chantry, it would be an Age where they said that they were blessed to finally bring the Chant of Light to Divina.

In 8:5 Blessed, Kirkwall rebelled against Orlesian Rule and gained their independence from Orlais and became a Free City again though they kept their leader as a Viscount. In 8:10 Blessed, the Qunari in Par Vollen welcomed Rivaini diplomats and the meeting dispels many myths about the Qunari. But the Chantry said they were blessed when Mad Emperor Reville launches the Invasion of Divina in 8:24 Blessed and they gained the support of a few greedy lord who wanted power. The fortress of Redcliffe was besieged and more and more Templers poured into the country to deal with the Mages of Divina as the Chantry openly gave support to the invasion. But the biggest help to Orlais was Lord Tarleton Howe of Amaranthine who openly supported Orlais. Tarleton Howe had been disliked by Divina for years and he saw an opportunity to gain power. Though Rebellion took place in Amaranthine led by Tarleton's younger brother Byron Howe and supported by the Couslands of Highever. But eventually Byron was driven from Amaranthine.

At the Battle of Lothering, Orlais gained its greatest victory and defeated two of Divina's Legions but they were still harassed for many years until 8:44 Blessed when they sacked the city of Denerim. The Orlesians never invaded by land as they knew they would never break through the Great Wall so they instead landed at Amaranthine when Tarleton gave his support to Orlais. Despite sacking Denerim, Orlais never took full control of Divina as they didn't take Divina's capital of the Imperial City which was heavily defended and Highever refused to submit though Redcliffe was eventully fell.

After the fall of most of Divina, Orlais turned its eyes of the Dales but Orlais were not ready for the winters of the Frostback mountains and many soldiers died of starvation or the cold. Though Orlais finally managed to make it through and sack the city of Jader along with the cities in the Western Dales of Lydes and Verchiel. However the Orlesians never got a strong foothold as the soldiers were cut off from supplies as the Elves of the Dales prevented supplies coming into the Dales and many soldiers were soon starving and had to resort to stealing supplies from the villages of the Dales but the villagers fought back and by 8:5 Bl7essed, Orlais had been driven from the Dales.

The rest of Thedas had other issues, in 8:47 Blessed, Mad Emperor Reville feared that Grand Duke Gratien had the favour of the court and so he had Gratien, his wife, three grown children and all 8 grandchildren murdered. Though one young baby, Camille who was just 8 months old was smuggled by the servants to Divina to the Imperial city and the girl would grow up to become to supporter of Divina who condemned the Chantry and Orlais. Camille would eventually die of old age. In 8:51 Blessed, Reville died after a year locked in his room after fearing retribution for the murders of Gratien and his family. In 8:55 Blessed, the Qunari land on Seheron and take the island nation and a war begins again between Tevinter and the Qunari over the control of Seheron though Tevinter manages to prevent several Qunari invasions of mainland Tevinter. In 8:60 Blessed, Aurelien Pentaghast became King of Neverra but it was later discovered that he was not a Pentaghast and he would later join the Dwarven Legion of the Dead. In 8:62 Blessed, the city of Treviso in Antiva is burnt to the ground when a fire starts in a warehouse filled with oil. In 8:70 Blessed, Neverra and Orlais went to war over the control over the Western Hill around Perendale which results in Neverran victory. Though Orlais sows rebellion among the locals who resent Neverran rule. Though the war allowed Divina to strike back against Orlais.

May 13, 2019  I just purchased omnisphere 2 and started the installation and I'm already having problems. When i go to start the installation process, the installer says it can't find the 'steam' folder' and just stops, doesn't even let me try to find it manually or anything. Omnisphere 2 won't install pc.

In Divina, Orlais tried many attempts to take Highever and the Imperial City but they were all repulsed. Highever had conflicts with Amaranthine and would eventually capture Tarleton Howe at Harper's Ford where he was tried for treason. Tarleton was sent to the Imperial city and hanged for his crimes and his younger brother Byron was able to defeat the Orlesian Garrison and retake Amaranthine. The commoners of Divina were forced into Orlesian rule and the Chant of Light was forced on them. Temples to the Divines were demonised and priests were brutally murdered with priestess being raped by soldiers. But this only fuelled the revolt and soon the rebels chose their leader, a commoner man known as Loghain whose mother had been raped and murdered by an Orlesian captain and his father killed in battle. Loghain would attack Orlesian patrols and he soon gained support from the Legions. Lord Hoag Stormcloak of the town of Windhelm was encouraged by Loghain's victories and would do his own warfare and would eventually join forces with Loghain and defeat an Orlesian army at Lothering. The victory allowed the Divina Legions to retake Redcliffe. The port town of Gwaren fell not long afterwards.

However, Orlais gained the upper hand again when a spy convinced Divina's armies to attack the Western Hills where the gold was stashed. The Battle ended in an Orlesian victory and many of Divina's lords including Lord Byron Howe were killed. Then the Battle of White River ended in a disaster for Divina with very few surviving and Orlais looked like they would win the war by 8: 85 Blessed. But King Torygg of Divina survived the Western Hills and with aid from their allies of the Dwarves of Orzammar, Torygg was able to make it back to Gwaren and defend the town from another attack.

In 8:90 Blessed, Neverra decided to join the war on Divina's side and attacked Western Orlais. The invading Neverran armies caused Chaos in Orlais. In 8:77 the hundred-day cough happened in Orlais which killed the sons of Emperor Judicael II making his brother Florian Heir. In 8:84, Judicael died in a fox hunt and Florian became Emperor and was not interested in ruling. Florian made one last attempt to take Divina and sent 2 legions of Chevaliers. But they were defeated by General Loghain along with Divina's top general Tullius who defeated them at the Battle of River Dane. Which happened in 8:95 Divina. Now Florian fully abandoned the war with Divina and left the remaining Orlesian soldiers in Divina. Just a few months after the Battle of River Dane, King Torygg attacked Denerim, the last Orlesian stronghold in Divina and Divina was finally free from enemy occupation. But Divina was not done, while they had never been fully conquored, the lands that did fall suffered terrible during the occupation with many people being murdered by fanatic priests and templars. Propaganda turned people in Neverra against the Chantry and the common people in Neverra revolted against the Chantry and the royal family forbade the Chantry from having any influence in Neverran politics and the Nine Divines became popular in Neverra. Neverra joined the Dales and became a client kingdom of Divina meaning they were still independent but would now have protection from Divina against Orlais. The next few years after Denerim was retake resulted in Divina rebuilding but in 8:98 Blessed, Divina along with Neverra would attack the Orlais, Neverra by land and Divina by sea. Divina was determined to get revenge for the years of occupation. The invading army quickly had success and soon the cities of Val Chevin, Arlesans, Montfort and Ghislain. The city of Ghislain was the location of one of the Circles of Magi in Orlais and the Mages revolted and assisted Neverra in exchange for their freedom since Neverra now had the Nine Divines as their main religion.

Dragon Age Crossover Archive

In 8:99 Blessed, the next age was planned to be named as the Sun Age by Divine Faustine II but there were several dragon sightings which were seen as a bad omen so the next age was named the Dragon Age as they saw it as an Age of Chaos. They couldn't be more right. By 9:02 Dragon, Orlais begged for peace and Neverra and Divina accepted but the treaty was harsh. Divina wanted revenge for the years of occupation and the Chantry to be punished for supporting the actions. Orlais lost all lands taken by Neverra and heavy tributes were paid to Divina to help them rebuild. On top of that, the Chevilliars were limited in how many they could have and their army was weakened. On top of that, the Chantry had been severely weakened in terms of their politics. After the death of Faustine, Divine Beatrix III was named Divine and she was quite weak which allowed the Templar order to gain more power. In the Free City of Kirkwall, Viscount Perrin Threnhold charged huge fees for Orlesian ships. Emperor Florian was a friend of Beatrix and the Divine would pressure Knight Commander Guylian to overthrow the Viscount but Guylian refused saying that the Templars didn't get involved in politics. But Perrin knew of what the Divine was doing and attempted to expel the Templar order from Kirkwall and led an army and arrested and later hanged Guylian. But he was replaced by Knight Commander Meredith and she would capture Perrin who would later die in prison. Marlowe Dumar became the new Viscount and Meredith would become Knight Commander. But this would be one of the Chantry's biggest mistakes as the future showed. Afterwards in 9:22 Dragon, the Grand Cleric of Orlais Callista planned to overthrow Beatrix and kill the other Grand Cleric so she would become Divine. She plotted with Knight Commander Martel and Blood Mage Frenic but a Seeker of Truth, Cassandra Pentaghast foiled the attempt and all three conspirators were killed. Cassandra would be named the Right Hand of the Divine for her efforts.

Starwars Crossover

Back in Divina, the kingdom started to rebuild after the years of occupation. Their Alliance with Neverra allowed Divina to gain money to rebuild. Many lords wanted the Howe's to pay for their betrayal but Rendon Howe became the new lord and he had fought for Divina and was one of the survivors at the Battle of White River and so the Howes kept their lands. But Divina remained cautious with the Chantry and Orlais. Even when the peacemaker Celene became the new Empress in 9:20 Dragon. Divina no longer trusted Orlais and Celene's attempts to improve Relations with Divina and Neverra didn't do much. Both kingdoms improved relations with the Dwarves of Orzammar who Divina had kept a strong friendship for years and would help prevent the Dwarven Legion of the Dead from losing their headquarters of Bownammar in 9:13 Dragon and the relationship between the Dwarves and Divina improved. But in 9:25 Dragon, High King Torygg died of natural causes and his young inexperience son Calian became King of Divina. His mother Elisif had trouble to keep the child under control and Calian had dreams of glorious wars which caused concerns to many of Divina's nobles who saw Calian as a child. Calian would marry Anora Mac Tir, the daughter of Loghain Mac Tir. Our story begins in 9:30 Dragon when Darkspawn are first sighted on the Surface in southern Divina near the fortress of Ostagar. The first time Darkspawn have been seen since the Fourth Blight 4 centuries ago. Now Divina will be facing some of her greatest challenges and the fate of not just Divina bit the whole world of Thedas rests in the hands of several heroes.

Dragon Age Crossover Machines

Studio one 4 quick start mod. Note: Well this is the final description chapter. Now we will be getting to the main story which will have a more Game of Thrones theme. I am looking forward to getting this story going.