Mixtrack Pro Mapping Djay

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Mixtrack Pro Mapping Djay
  1. Mixtrack Pro Mapping Djay 2

Mixtrack Pro II is a USB Class compliant device and the necessary drivers will be installed from your computer's operating system once the unit is connected to a USB port. Connect the Mixtrack Pro II USB socket (E) with a USB port of your computer and let your Operating system to install the necessary OS drivers. Nov 15, 2014  “I keep playing with Traktor demo, though I miss djay a bit (and this keeps improving, especially since there is now an official Mixtrack Pro 2 mapping but it is a bit limited on hot cues, waveforms, etc). I play a lot of music from Spotify and also use djay for iOS on iPhone/iPad quite a bit (which with Spotify is great). User Manual for djay for iOS; How do I get started with djay for iOS? What is the difference between the free version and the Pro version? Which MIDI controllers are supported by djay for iOS? I have bought older versions of djay before. Am I entitled for an upgrade discount? How do I reinstall an older version of djay for iOS (djay 2 or djay Pro)?

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This mapping is included in Mixxx as of version 1.11.

Mixtrack Pro Mapping Djay 2

  1. Channel Treble
  2. Channel Bass
  3. Cue: send the corresponding track to the headphones
  4. Cue Mix: adjust mix between Cue and Audio out in the headphones.
  5. Browser Knob: help browse through your collection without using a mouse or trackpad
  6. Back: takes you up one level in your file hierarchy
  7. Load A/Load B: Load the highlighted track to the corresponding Deck
  8. Channel faders: control the volume of each channel
  9. Crossfader
  10. Scratch mode (see below for details)
  11. Stutter: press while music is playing to jump back to the cue point
  12. CUE: plays from the cue point if hold. When released, jumps back to the cue point
  13. SYNC: automatically matches the corresponding Deck's tempo to the other Deck's tempo
  14. Pitch Bend: when pressed, the pitch will adjust -/+4%, when released, the tempo will set back to the right one
  15. View: dynamically set cue point for Deck A
  16. Eq Kill Switches
  17. On Deck A: control the Flagner's LFO (unassigned on Deck B)
  18. On Deck A: control the Flagner's Depth and delay (unassigned on Deck B)
  19. Loop Mode: press to alternate between manual or autolooping
      • In: set loop start
      • Reloop: exit or reenter loop
      • 1/2 X: devide loop length by 2
      • 1 Bar: make a loop of just one bar (the current one)