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Birth nameTina Setkic
Born7 April 1999
Paris, France
GenresHeavy metal, Shred metal, rock
InstrumentsElectric guitar, classical guitar, acoustic guitar
Years active2007–present

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Tina Setkic (born 7 April 1999)[1] is a French guitarist specialising in covering technically difficult solos of heavy metal from Van Halen, Gary Moore, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Pink Floyd, and metalised classical music including pieces from Beethoven, Paganini, and Vivaldi, mainly employing a guitar technique known as shredding.[2][3][4] From the age of thirteen, her popularity has increased, especially through YouTube and social media, attracting the attention of notable musicians and guitar manufacturers.[5][6] Originally from the Paris region, she received classical guitar lessons at the age of 6,[7] and later studied under jazz-rock guitarist Renaud Louis-Servais.[8][6] At the age of 9, she covered the classic version of 'Hotel California' by the Eagles and at 13 she began to specialise in electric rock.[9][10]


Setkic started a YouTube channel in 2007 (at age 8) and in 2013 uploaded a video of her cover of Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo Eruption. Within a week, this video was seen four million times and in the following two years had been watched eleven million times.[11][12][13]

In the same year, she took up Antonio Vivaldi's third movement, 'Presto', from the Concerto No. 2 in G minor, op. 8, RV 315, better known as the Summer of Four Seasons (the piece was adapted for the electric guitar by Patrick Rondat in 1996).[14] In March 2015, she played Through the Fire and Flames, by the British band DragonForce.[9][15]

By early 2016, her videos had received a total of about sixty million visits.[16][5] and in 2017 she rated #217 (Top 36%) on the list of French YouTubers based on the number of subscribers and rated #265 (Top 44%) on the list of French YouTubers based on the number of YouTube hits.[17]

Setkic is a featured artist of the French guitar manufacturer Vigier Guitars, and her playing has been noticed by bassist Wolfgang Van Halen.[5][1]

According to Setkic, her interest in the guitar stems from her passion for the work of female guitarists Ana Vidović and Orianthi.[5]

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